时间: 2019-06-18



CW Exclusive  

3  Our Due Share in Promoting National Rejuvenation and Human Progress

Song Tao

Review of 2018 World Situation

5  2018: Changing World Pattern and Chinese Diplomacy

Su Ge

11 2018: Fading Momentum in World Economic Growth

Yao Zhizhong

16 2018: International Security Order in Vibration and Reshaping

Meng Xiangqing & Wang Xiao

China and the World

21 Having Full Understanding of the Times, Complying with the Trend, Standing Fast and Making Innovations: 

on China’s Diplomacy in Four Decades of Reform and Opening-up

Wang Cungang

26 China’s 40 Years of Opening-up: Features and Inspirations

Chai Shangjin

Story of CPC

30 Stories of CPC: Promoting High Quality Development in ZhejiangSidelights of a Special Briefing

Li Dezheng

34 African Views on China’s Targeted Poverty Alleviation and China-Africa Cooperation Sidelights of the 24th Wanshou Forum

Zou Guoyu


38 Good Friends, Good Comrades and Good Brothers Forever to Open a New Chapter of China-Cuba Friendship and Cooperation:

An Interview with Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, Cuban Ambassador to China

Wei Dandan

Major Power Relations  

41 Trade War and American Strategic Trend Towards China

Liu Guozhu

45 China-Japan Relations after Prime Minister Abe’s Visit to China

Liu Jiangyong

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