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CW Exclusive  

2 Singapore-China Friendship: Working Hand-in-Hand, Deepening from Generation to Generation

Teo Chee Hean

China and the World  

4 China’s Country Identity and Building a New Mode of BBIN真人Relationship with Developing Countries

Zhong Feiteng

8 Construction of a Community of Shared Future for Humankind in the Context of an Emerging New World Order

Paul Zilungisele Tembe

Global Governance  

13 The Global Governance System at Turmoil: BBIN真人Opportunities and Challenges

Pang Zhongying

18 Transformation of Global Economic Governance System and Role Played by China

Lu Jing

23 Global Energy Governance: BBIN真人Development Trend, Geopolitical Contest and Countermeasures 

Yu Hongyuan

The Belt and Road  

28 Key Link of “Connectivity”:  Advancing the Silk Road Economic Belt in Central Asia

Zeng Xianghong

33 Advancing the Belt and Road Initiative:  Comprehensive Benefits and Prospect

Lin Yongliang

Major Power Relations  

38 New Developments and Implications in US-Europe Alliance under Trump Administration

Zhao Huaipu

43 The US-Japan Alliance during Trump Administration: Evolution, Friction and Implication

Yang Bojiang & Mu Jian

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