时间: 2019-06-18


China’s Foreign Affairs  

Diplomatic Transformation and Developing a New Type of International Relations: 

A Perspective to Observe and Understand New China’s Diplomacy

Wang Cungang

Benign Interaction among Major Powers and New-Type International Relations

Zuo Fengrong

11 China’s Neighborhood Diplomacy amid Profound Changes in Global Landscape

Zhou Fangyin

15 The International Economic System in the Historical Process and China’s Role

Li Wei

Major Power Relations  

20 The Contemporary Significance of the 70-Year China-Russia Relations

Feng Shaolei

25 Major Power Competition and China-US Relations in Perspective of Profound Changes Unseen for a Century

Feng Weijiang

30 New Dynamics in the US-UK Special Relationship Since Trump’s Presidency

Lin Limin

The Belt and Road    

35 CPEC 2.0: the Promise and Risks

Sherry Rehman

Comments on Foreign Affairs   

40 U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy: Historic Evolution and Prospect

Chen Jimin & Yang Jingying 

44 The New Adjustment of China-India Relations against the Backdrop of the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the United States

Wang Lipeng & Li Jiasheng

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