时间: 2019-06-18



China’s Foreign Affairs  

2 Foster Our Confidence in System, Tell China’s Story Well

Song Tao

Review of 2019 World Situation  

4 2019: International Situation and Chinese Diplomacy

Su Ge

10 World Economic Landscape in 2019: Down a Track of Medium and Low Speed Growth

Zhang Yuyan

14 Global Security in 2019: Peace amid Turmoil and Crisis

Meng Xiangqing & Han Yanzhe

Global Governance  

20 BRICS Political Security Cooperation under New Conditions of Global Governance

Wang Youming

25 Readjustment of World Economic Pattern and Integration of Interests among BRICS States

Zhang Haibing

30 “BRICS Plus” Cooperation Model and How China Has BBIN真人Innovated the Global Governance System

Wang Mingguo

Story of CPC  

34 China-Russia Relations for a New Era: Experience Sharing and Strategic Cooperation between Ruling Parties —A Record of the 7th Meeting of the Dialogue Mechanism between the Ruling Parties of China and Russia

Miao Tiantian

37 Integration of Party Diplomacy, Ping-pong Diplomacy and Tea Talk Diplomacy

—A Record of the 11th China-U.S. Political Party Leaders Dialogue

Song Size

41 Sidelights of the Special Briefing on “Stories of CPC-Jiangxi’s Achievements in Practicing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”

Yuan Kun & Bai Yameng

China and the World  

44 China-Japan-ROK Economic and Trade Cooperation in Perspective of Profound Changes Unseen in a Century

Zhang Lijuan & Guo Ruonan

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