时间: 2019-06-18


CW Exclusive    

2 Work to Overcome All Obstacles and Prevail in the Epoch-making Test of Fight against Epidemic

Ji Si 

Global Governance  

5 Tackling Centenary Changes at Global Level 

Pang Zhongying & Bu Yongguang

10 Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance under Profound Changes Unseen in a Century

Shi Zhiqin & GUO Xinxin

14 Global Governance Reform in the Time of Changes Unseen in a Century

Ren Lin

Seeing Through the Focus  

18 Chaos in Middle East: Root Causes and Implications 

Tang Zhichao

23 US Strategy toward Middle East: Confusion in Transformation

Niu Xinchun

28 EU’s Middle East Policy: BBIN真人Its Adjustment and Predicament amid Persistent Chaos in the Middle East

Niu Song

China and the World  

33 Reconstruction of the Asia-Pacific Regional Order in the Context of Profound Changes Unseen in a Century and China’s Role 

Shen Minghui & Li Tianguo

38 Analysis of China’s Supply of Regional Public Goods to Africa

Zhou Jinyan

Story of CPC  

43 Join Forces to Overcome Difficulties of the Time: Foreign Political Parties and Political Leaders Speak Highly of China’s Fight Against Epidemic

Zhang Kai

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