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2 China-US Relations in Globalization Revisited after Coronavirus Outbreak

Zhou Qi

6 Working to Build a Community with a Shared Future between China 

and Its Neighbours in the Post-Pandemic Era

Li Wen

11 Global Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic: International Cooperation and Path Selection

Zhang Haibing

15 China’s Engagement in Global Health Governance: Institutional Path and Future Choices

—Using the Prevention and Control of the Cross-border Transmission 

of Infectious Diseases as a Case Study

Tang Bei


Seeing Through the Focus  

19 EU Policy Readjustment and China-EU Relations in Context of Brexit

Zhang Jian

23 Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Europe:

Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities

Liu Shuguang

28 Brexit and the Future of China-UK Relations

Wang Zhanpeng & Lv Dayong

32 China-CEEC Cooperation: Course of Development and Prospect

Liu Zuokui


China and the World  

37 China Railway Express to Europe: 

Implications to China-EU Economic Geography and Prospects

XU Yingming & LI Xin

41 China-Myanmar Community with a Shared Future and its Exemplary Significance

Zhang Ying


Think Tank Communication  

45 Working Together to Meet Global Public Health Security Challenges and Build the Health Silk Road — A Sidelight of Silk Road Think Tank Association Thematic Cloud Forum

Zhu Xiang

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